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Amber, , June 29, 2008:

Nude beach in Croatia - I have been interested in this beach. Does anyone know more about it?

Irene, June 30, 2008:

Croatia is very popular for nude beaches. Nudism is well accepted along the Croatian coast. The official nudist areas are usually indicated by "FKK" signs. Koversada (Vrsar naturist beach, area of 120ha for 7000 guests, one of the biggest and probably the most famous naturist resort) is one of about 30 official nudist resorts and naturist campgrounds. But there are also many "wild beaches" where you can choose to be nude or to keep your bikini on. And nobody gets tickets for going topless...

garry, October 02, 08:

My wife & I are going to Croatia mid next year from Australia. Where are the beaches that you can have sex whilst watching or being watched?

Roger S., January 31, 12:

I enjoy nudity, tremendiuosly I enjoy the nude beaches, best. i think a nude woman is most beautiful i also enjoy looking at pictures on the computer. I have never been to a beach, where sex is open and preformed openly. Could anyone out there direct me to one, here in the United States?

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Rene, January 30, 13:

My girlfriend and I are considering a holiday to Croatia this year. We have enjoyed sex on secluded beaches in Greece the last couple of years. Some of the very best memories we have took place in the sun on a Greek beach. When we have sex, we often think back to all the exciting action we saw, because we definitely were not the only one getting hot on the beach ;-)

So now Croatia is coming up and we definitely want to have sex on those beaches on a daily basis. We are OK with being watched, although we usually don't start the sexual activities. We follow suit if another couple sets the example (fear of offending someone, I guess). To encourage them, we apply sunscreen to each other in a sensual way, which means I usually end up with a huge boner while massaging the tits of my GF or she takes her time applying sun screen to my dick (it is a good excuse for a semi-handjob ;)).

While applying the sunscreen, I casually slide 2-3 fingers in her wet pussy, making her want me even more. Other couples can clearly see what we do, but it could be explained as a thorough application of sunscreen. Our behavior usually gives the male part of other couples an erection, which means that at least the male half of the other couples is OK with our play ;)

So please, do enlighten us where we can fuck like bunnies, but not get caught by police of voyeurs with cameras. We are OK with people watching, but don't want to end up on the internet, of course.

Ana & Luis, , June 21, 14:

We are travelling to Croatia August the 4th. Nudist Cuckold couple midle 40's.
We like to know good places for exhibitionism (see and be seen). Beaches, Bars, terraces etc..
Dubrovnick, Cavta, Zadar

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