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Submitted by B., November 30, 04:

I have a problem about me going nude. I want to be a nudist but every time I take my clothes off in a public setting I get an erection. I don't know what to do to make it stop. It is very embarrassing and I would appreciate any advice. Thank you

Anonymous, December 01, 04:

Just masturbate prior to going a nudist beach, that way you won't feel at all horny but instead, relaxed.

"Happened to me too", January 04, 05,

Just don't worry about what other people think, relax and you wont get one.

Mike, January 05, 05,

You could just ignore it when it happens! Most everyone else will also. Honest. Erections are natural for men. Just don't "play" with it in public.

Jason on January 18, 05,

I went 2 a nude beach this summer but every time I went out I got an erection just seeing all those women naked made me horny even if I tried not 2 be.

Billy, , on April 17, 05:


I am not kidding. I have tried it many times. After about a minute you will get light-headed and Mr. happy will go back to sleep. After you have been naked for a few minutes, you will be more relaxed and not have to worry. Try it at home. It works.

I disagree with the other post. It is not OK to have a woody at a beach with many people looking. KEEP A COOL TOOL FOOL!!!

Pointman1991, , June 06, 05:

It's not, no let me say, shouldn't be a problem if it does happen to anyone... or in front of anyone. That said let me explain. Most nudists are comfortable with their bodies -- obviously. And women (and/ or) other men shouldn't be offended at the sight of, lets face it -- the same thing only in a -- yes, "natural" state. As long as you don't walk up on someone to quickly to introduce yourself or stand too close to someone's wife who's sitting in the chair next to you ... no one "SHOULD" care. f.y.i. I've only had it happen to me two or three times -- maybe, but in one of the settings the girl I met was very cool and giggled about it and later told me she was complemented -- but that's me. Another point; if someone is offended they are obviously looking directly at your -- well you know, and if they're looking then why shouldn't that be just as against protocol as a sometimes an uncontrollable circumstance? Everyone should leave their serious cares for when they have to put their clothes back on and go back to work.

Carl Lomboy, , June 14, 05:

I know it has been over said here, but don't worry about it. I have often gone to a nude beach with my girl friend(s) and ended up hard. We have seen other guys hard and believe me, outside of the enjoyment of knowing he was enjoying himself, we simply didn't care.

tjsweet, , August 19, 06:

Dont sweat it!!! Get your mind on to non sexual "setting" and your throbbing dick will go down. Or jack off and pop your nut before going to the beach. If you use your imagination to think of everyone WITH clothes on it will go down. Most people that go there on a regular basis will not be bothered unless there are many young nudist there (children). Many times those fine girls will NOT be bothered but instead be "pleased" and sometimes (my experience) will be interested in some activity with you in a more isolated location if you don't scare them off, so "BE COOL".

G.W.M.Schellekens, , August 31, 06:

I think having an erection on a nudist beach is quite normal.
You might masturbate on tthe beach. Or where this is allowed have sex with your partner or somebody who has the same desire at that moment.

StudentCouple2, May 21, 07:

Why it is wrong to have erection in nude beach? It is normal. Is any nude place I can go to have erection? Thanks.

Hugh G Shlong, September 07:

I personally masterbate at every woman i see on the beach i cant help it.

larrylyn, , October 21, 07:

I have seen quite a few people complaining about erections at the beach, but by and large these comments are by people who rarely go to the nude if at all. Those who are at the beach often are either nonplussed or amused. It happens all the time. One guy who was with a very good looking girl had everybody following him to see if he was going to use it.

David , , November 7, 07:

Don't listen to people who say erections are wrong at a nude beach, they're wrong. Erections happen, people understand that. If there's a problem it comes form the guys who "parade" their erection or who think every woman on that beach wants to have sex with them. As others have mentioned, try not to think about it, it'll go away, if it doesn't, find a private spot and help it go away. If you're lucky, you might find someone who will help you with it. Don't approach them, let them approach you. It happened to me once.

Rene, March 31, 10:

I went to a nudist beach for the first time in my life last year in Greece. I had an instant erection too, but the beach was very deserted, so nobody saw it and if they did, they didn't mind. I saw other "new nudists" have the same problem and it really isn't a problem at all as long as you don't act on it (i.e. don't play with it). An erection is natural and doesn't always mean you are arroused (I know I wasn't arroused). Sometimes you just get an erection because you feel good and being nude just makes me feel good.

Mafu, August 26, 10:

I have been going to nude beaches and clubs for years, If a boner happens it happens, I had one once when 3 women turned up it was quite interesting I can tell you :-)
Usually if I get a boner I let them make the next move, that way everything is cool.
Most women have told me they like seeing a good erection.

stan stickeymouse, September 24, 10:

I was on a naturist beach in France with my wife. We were sitting next to two beautiful young naked women. A guy came up and chatted them up. He had a massive hard on. At first the women were coy but then one started to get into conversation and eventually the other followed. Instead of being cold the women were won over by the guys chat (and possibly his dick). The guy stayed hard the whole time he was talking to the women. Finally all three of them wandered off in the direction of the camp site. I guess his erection was due to get some female attention.

Stoney, February 6, 11:

I got an erection while talking to a girl in Crete, I said "I'm sorry, that only happens when I'm really happy." She smiled and told me I must be very, very happy and we continued walking and talking until we came to some dunes and she led me back away from the shore...

Rudi, April 18, 11:

I am alway proud when I get an erection and I can show. Maybe I am an exibitionist but I like to have a Hard On and I like to see a Hard On and I like if others look at me or even ask to take a picture (with their wifes).

Papp, May 7, 11:

I have had conversations with women while erect at a particular nude beach. None of the women were offended at all. I actually asked two of the women if it offended them and they said no that they liked to see them. I usually get on and off hardons through out the day while at the nude beach. I enjoy it. It adds to the experience.

nudistbybirth, May 18, 11:

erections....its a double standard... ever hear of women getting the "crap" while aroused? so the clitorus gets hard when aroused but it can be hidden unless its large. so why the shame and/or persecution of men when women are not?
I rest my case.

Phil, July 19, 11: I always get a stiffy when I'm kaalgat, it just happens.

Jim345, August 18, 11:

There are several things you can do if you pop wood on a nude beach.
One, stop looking at all the other people.
Two, you can roll over on to your stomach until it goes down.
Three, you can always walk into the water.
Four, cover it with a towel, shirt of some other item you have handy.
Five, not worry about it and eventually it will take care of it's self.
Just enjoy the beach!

Bill Bulloney, September 23, 11:

The old tried and true solution used to be to mix in a teaspoon of Saltpeter into your morning coffee. That ought to keep you safe the whole day then.

LittleCock11, December 6, 11:

I'm 16 and im afraid if i go to a nudist beach i'll instantly get an erection and not be able to get rid of it, and im not a big dick guy - would people make fun of me?

Keep it up, December 31, 11:

I love to get an erection at a nudit beach and try to let people around me see it, I have never had anyone complain. If people don't want to see it, they will look away, just don't purposly try to intimidate anyone with it.
I have masturbated several times when people have looked at my cock and not obviously looked away again. And I have checked out other guys who have done the same, not to mention the girls who have slipped the odd finger in their pussies too, it's not just the guys!
I am always on the lookout for guys who are trying to show off their erections, come on guys you know what I am talking about, who else does that?

Russell, January 5, 12:

Im 21 and want to go to a nude beach but worried because if i go i will get an erection but im also worried that girls will laugh at my small penis when it is not erect.

rajanthomas, June 24, 13:

Once I went to a nude beach I saw some beautiful nude women and one of them sits near me and during the chat her finger touches my cock and suddenly it get erected. The women looks at it and said that by seeing this erection, her pussy is filled with juicy water. Later we go for walk and after dinner one lady requests me to allow her to suck my cock and she swallow full of my cum and I get relaxed.

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