Nude bathing in Zurich, Switzerland

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Anja on February 29, 2004:

In Switzerland places for nude bathing are generally hard to find. In Zurich there are only three of them:

1. Katzensee, small lake northeast of town, very small separate nude corner, crowded on weekends. Show the Katzensee with nudist area on a map.

2. Tiefenbrunnen, lake of Zurich, nude sunbathing only, on roof of wardrobes, genders separated, Tiefenbrunnen is known as a gay meeting point.

3. Werdinsel, Au-Hoengg, a beautiful nude spot on the banks of the river "Limmat", north of the regular bathing area. Couples, but mostly gays. Show the nudist area Werdinsel Zurich on a map.

See you ... nude at the beach ... Anja

Dani, August 31, 2008:

Are there any Saunas where one might be nude?

Chris, October 31, 2009:

Old post but I guess no one will mind me bumping it. In response to Dani I have found many hotel "Spa" areas that have clothing optional signs. No-one seems to mind if you are clothed or not in these areas, usually steam rooms, showers and saunas. They are not a place for any sexual contact but are usually mixed and often open to general public on a pay per admittance basis.

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