Tampon strings on naturist beaches

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stan stickeymouse, 14 December 10:

I have noticed a growing trend on European naturist beaches of women not wearing bikini bottoms when they are having their period. In the past it was common to see women wearing bikini bottoms but now many women simply slip in a tampon and go naked so you can see the string dangling between their legs.

I personally like this trend and do not see why women cannot go naked at all times of their monthly cycle. What do others think? Is this trend also seen in the USA?

ErichW, 9 October 11:

Also ich sehe das bei uns in Österreich auch immer wieder und finde es gut, dass sich die weiblichen Wesen von dem Bekleidungszwang befreien und Tampons tragen. Auch sieht es erotisch aus wenn da ein kleines Bändchen herumbaumelt zwischen den Beinen. Ansonsten kann man ja das Bändchen auch miteinführen oder abschneiden, dann sieht man kaum was davon. Also Frauen - weiter so!

I can see that in Austria often and I approve women wearing tampons at the nude beach. It also looks erotic, this small ribbon dangling between female legs. Otherwise, wonen are free to insert the ribbon into the vagina or cut it, so no one can see the tampon. Women - keep it up!

stan stickeymouse, 23 October 11:

Thank you Erich. On holiday in Spain I saw two Spanish women with strings showing. They sat open legged, not bothered if any one saw.
I think it is liberating for women not to have to hide the fact that they are menstruating.
I would still like to know if anyone has seen women in the USA or Canada with tampon strings showing. Is this just a European trend?

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